I hate to think of her in that box

Birth and death are two sides of the same coin. When a new baby is born the parents are on a high - I know I used to feel a natural euphoria for about 2 weeks after one of our children was born, and regardless of late night feeds etc there were months of wellbeing - of being fortunate, blessed. 

And then, the other side, when someone dies there is a similar effect - the raw loss, the dredging bereavement, the heaviness behind the eyes - that too lasts months and years.

This lovely newspaper article quotes a mother talking about her dead daughter 'in that box' - it's harrowing. But it is also inspiring in how it shows people handling the grief - by being active, social, together. It also shows that people can personalise their family funerals by talking to the experts, the professionals and learning from other people's experiences.