Gruesome case of exhumation and reburial in Poland



Only 44 when he died leaving a young family behind him, Rob Gordon had his ashes scattered on Holcombe Hill in Bury, England.

The family scatter Rob's ashes and planted a fiery red bush to mark the spot. Now somebody has dug up and removed the bush!



Talking about death; planning for death; dealing with death.

These are some of the hardest challenges we face in life.

Our own familial relationships and cultures affect how we deal with this challenge.

Sometimes you need to look outside your own culture, see how they deal with issues, to learn more about your own culture.

Shallower burials allowed in Vermont, USA, in a bid to promote green burial. The minimum grave depth has been lowered so that bodies can be buried at 3.5ft to allow for more efficient decomposition.



A recent Royal Cremation Ceremony in Bali shows that cremations can be just as much about status as burial. In European & North American graveyards the height of the gravestone often equates to the status of the person buried. In the Ubud Royal Cremation the height of the tower (bade) used to carry the body before cremation can be up to 27m tall!

Birth and death are two sides of the same coin. When a new baby is born the parents are on a high - I know I used to feel a natural euphoria for about 2 weeks after one of our children was born, and regardless of late night feeds etc there were months of wellbeing - of being fortunate, blessed. 

And then, the other side, when someone dies there is a similar effect - the raw loss, the dredging bereavement, the heaviness behind the eyes - that too lasts months and years.

Two cases of disputed burials at opposite ends of the social scale. Proof that humans are humans regardless of whether wealthy or poor.

"Not many people like ticking boxes'


American Journalist Johnny Gunther wrote an account of his young son's (also named Johnny) death, he died at the age of 17, in 1947, and his father's book became a best-seller. The book title is from a meditative sonnet by poet John Donne.